Donate Your Car

"My wife and I were happy to be able to donate our Mazda van to More Than Wheels.  It was especially gratifying to know that it went directly to someone locally, helping her maintain financial stability while going through the More Than Wheels program.  The donation process was easy, and we are pleased for the opportunity it gave us to give back to the community in such a direct way." --J.B., Rye, NH.

Ready to donate your car?   

Your Donation Makes a Concrete Impact     

Put your old car to good use by donating it to More Than Wheels. Your donation will help those who have an immediate need, providing access to transportation needed to keep a job, build credit and manage their lives.

If your car is in good working condition, clients will use them for low-cost temporary transportation as part of our Bridge Car Program. Your donation is essential to giving clients the temporary transportation they need to take care of their work and family responsibilities while building a credit history to qualify for a loan when they are ready to purchase a car.

"When I moved to a retirement community, I no longer needed my car.  It had always been a reliable car for me, and it made me feel so good to know that someone in the More Than Wheels program who desperately needed a car would be helped.  The donated car tax deduction was nice to get, but knowing I continue to help others in my community is a really great feeling!" --Barbara D., Hanover, NH.

Make a Difference Today: Tax Benefits

Because we're able to make direct use of many donated cars, you may be able to deduct the full fair market value of the car you donate. For more information, please reference the IRS Donors Guide to Vehicle Donations concerning the tax benefits of donating your vehicle.

More Than Wheels makes donating your old car easy by taking care of the paperwork for you and helping you get the maximum tax deduction.

Did You Know?

Since 2001, More Than Wheels has helped thousands of families finance more than $25 million in loans so they can buy a reliable car and plan for the future.


Bonnie CLAC is now More Than Wheels

Introducing More Than Wheels - our new name for the groundbreaking not-for-profit program that has helped over 1,300 hardworking families overcome their debt and turn their lives around.

More Than Wheels is about ownership. We help people own reliable, affordable cars so they can get out of debt, turn their life around and own their future. And as we reach out to more and more Americans struggling to manage the hidden costs of car ownership, we believe the name More Than Wheels will better convey the true impact of our program.

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